Welcome to the Verde Birding Trail

This site is all about where to see birds; it is not a site about birds. Visit our journal to see bird photos and read about Verde birding experiences and to share yours.

This is about birding along one of the last great accessible riparian waterways of the American Southwest!

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We invite you to visit the Verde Valley Birding and Nature Festival. Please click on the image below to be taken to our site.

Verde Valley Birding and Nature Festival

The Festival is now more than ten years old and has grown to become truly national in the scope of participation. One comment: "Wonderful - it was well worth the 1400 mile drive."

We are the "Chamber of Commerce of Verde Birding"

Within this site you will find a complete guide to birding in the Verde Valley:

Great Blue Heron

Hotspots: these are documented bird sites and each has its own page here.

  • Area Attractions: During your stay here, visit these non-bird attractions
  • Accommodations: Where to stay while visiting the Verde Valley
  • Friends of Birding: Sites of bird-friendly organizations and businesses.
Lesser GoldfinchAdded bonus!!
We are open all year.
Winter is warm and sunny here and the birds like it.

This is a "living" bird site. you are encouraged to provide your own input in these ways:

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